10 Reasons why video is an important part of your marketing strategy

  1. Duplication! You can clone yourself or your best sales person with a proper video. Imagine the perfect intro or service presentation delivered by your top person 24 X 7.
  2. Quick and to the point. No one wants to read anymore, they want all the info but delivered quickly. Video is the perfect tool to make that happen.
  3. Video is well received by all people. Think of it as a universal language. To measure its popularity look at YouTube and Vimeo.
  4. Video delivers the message in an entertaining way, keeping people on the site longer. The longer they stay the more likely they are to buy.
  5. Videos are easy to share. People like to share good information with their friends and family. You make it, they will share it.
  6. Most people buy the sales person and their enthusiasm first, the product or service second. So to increase your conversions tap into a proven method of personal delivery.
  7. Video give a new twist on an old product. Video lets you reinvent your product or service in a way that is fresh and most likely different then your competitors.
  8. Videos will go viral faster than any other online method. People trust people, and the video you create makes them connect and share.
  9. Many search engines like Google are releasing search engines just for videos, due to the overwhelming popularity.
  10. If you do not use videos, your competition might. Set the pace and standard in your industry rather than following it after the fact.

With our office in close proximity to Hollywood, we have our own production staff providing a turnkey service including: casting calls, script writing, filming, editing, posting and online distribution.

Where should you add videos?

Videos are great within the following areas: category headers, product presentations, message from CEO, testimonials. Also, one of the greatest applications of video is education. Educate your client as to what makes you the better choice over  your competition. The approach of educations is a very powerful

selling tool. No one wants to be sold to but if you educate them as to why they want to buy… that will help setting you apart from the competition!

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