Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The sheer magnitude of benefits may baffle you!

PPC sheer magnitude of benefits may baffle you!
Yes! For the money that you invest even in short-term bursts of PPC advertising, the resultant profits can be massive. Professional and well-calculated PPC campaigns have not only recovered the capital used as an investment, but have built huge online brands out of nothing!
Here are some of the most glaring benefits that a PPC campaign has to offer per se:

  • Clinically Targeted Traffic – Because you only have your advert link featured on the niche sites and search listings, you only have targeted traffic driven to your website. This means that unlike in conventional SEO campaigns, where traffic inflow may not be conversion-heavy, PPC campaigns almost always have a high conversion rate.
  • Result-oriented Payment – One of the most important advantages of a PPC campaign is that you only pay for actual leads rather than at random. This helps you fix a budget and also find a healthy ratio between investment and revenue generated from the campaign!
  • Immediate and Measurable Results – With PPC campaigns, you can have immediate and acutely measurable results at hand. This makes keeping a tab on expected ROI and lead generation, resulting in much better control over the complete campaign.
  • Adaptability – Adaptability or flexibility of a PPC campaign and strategizing is one of its main benefits, which is often given a pass by the online marketers. Since the results in such campaigns are measurable, you can easily change the featured platform, the bids, number of links or even the way you decide to present the same. This makes improving ROI easy, as you can easily gauge whether a sponsored link is generating enough leads or simply dying on you!

With so many revolutionary benefits, PPC can be the difference between you and your competitors. While your SEO efforts are building, use PPC to bring in immediate business, paid but ingenious online marketing methods like these can decide who will dominate your industry. Do you want to dominate or just be a part of your industry? Turboecart can take you to the next level, of your business.
Pricing below does not include your actual advertising budget .You will pay the search engine direct a predefined amount, which we can help assist you in choosing.

Price Per Month






Initializing the Project

Initial Consultation

Initial Call Setup

Account Setup

Complete Account Access

Conversion Code Consultation

Competitive Analysis


Campaign Optimization

Keyword Research & Bid Management





A/B Ad Copy Testing

Conversion Tracking

Revenue Tracking Consultation (if applicable)

Regional Optimization

Ongoing Strategy Development

Quality Score Analysis





Quality Score Comparision Report






Display Ad Optimization

Text Ads

Image Ads*




Video Ads * (if Applicable)

YES (Aditional Cost for Video Creation)

Placement Sites Targeting

Site Exclusion & Optimization

Demographic Bidding (if applicable)


Mobile Ad Optimization

Mobile Campaign Setup

Mobile Device Targeting

Mobile Carrier Targeting

Bid Management


Other Activities

Landing Page Consultation

$75 per page




Google Ad Extentions Consultation (if required)

Facebook or Linkedin Ads

Additional cost $240/month

Additional cost $240/month

Additional cost $240/month


Google Analytics

Account Setup


Profile Setup

Advanced Setup Consultation

Funnel Tracking Consultation

Analysis & Monitoring

Intelligence/Alert setup



Weekly Report

Monthly Report

Cost of running a PPC campaign

A PPC campaign’s impact and the associated costs are influenced by some prominent factors, excluding the online marketers’ expertise in the said arena. Some of the factors that are responsible for decreasing or adding up on the bill of a PPC promoter include:

  • The keywords targeted in a PPC campaign makes a lot of difference to the cost. A popular keyword (like ‘window blinds’) that has a huge volume of search rate will cost much more than a keyword that is rarely searched for (such as "colored prisms").
  • Niche keywords also influence costs. While popular niche keywords may cost more than average, keywords with lower ratings will cost less.
  • Geo-targeted campaigns may also influence the costs. For someone introducing a product to the European consumer base may have to shell out much more than one target the Chilean populace.

Why is PPC so popular? There were three major reasons – First, online competition in the past had not been as cut-throat as it is today. – Second, small and start-up businesses almost always require a quick path to success and immediate lead generation tactics to hold their own in the vast market. –Third , the fact that conventional SEO may take months or even years to rank a fresh website in the Top 10 rankings, has made PPC seem to be the sure-fire way of achieving quick measurable results. 

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