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Selling online is something most businesses are doing , but very few are doing well. Have you ever looked at your website and thought ”Well, I am online, I have some visibility, products are in, images are uploaded, shopping cart is working… so where are all the sales”?

Having an e-commerce-enabled site is not enough in today’s online world. What you built 3 years ago may not be what your evolved business needs today. Not only has your business evolved but so has your clients’ expectation of their online shopping experience. So what are you to do as a business owner?

What you need is to partner with a digital agency like ours; one that provides many e-commerce platforms, services many clients in different industries and provides additional services like marketing, design, video production, content writing and more. It is our job to keep on the cutting edge within the online world, it is your job to have the latest product and service knowledge within your niche market.

Put the burden on us for keeping your online presence up to date. You focus on your products and services; let us focus on your online strategy to present those products and services.

Get a full online strategy

At Turboecart, create a full online strategy for your organization implementing the following proven methodology:

  1. We listen to your online goals.
  2. We review what is and is not working within your current site.
  3. We research your industry ( Yes, we spy on your competition!)
  4. We select the proper feature-rich e-commerce platform to start building your site upon.
  5. We then create a unique branding strategy incorporating your logo, site design, business card, blog, Twitter, YouTube, brochures and anything else you will be presenting to your clients or potential clients.
  6. Then once it is approved we implement it and give you a style guide to help ensure the integrity of the branding.
  7. We then put together a marketing strategy based on your clientele, products, services and online goals. Marketing services we offer are SEO, SMO, PPC, Affiliate marketing, video production, content writing, press release packages, and many other services to help bring you targeted visitors.

What solutions do we recommend?

We work with many open source solutions like Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, X-cart, and many others.

Need to connect to the big guys?  Lets us build your site for Ebay or Amazon.

Need more of a content management site with light e-commerce?

No problem, we build sites using WordPress for the content management, adding to it the ability to have a buy now option for clients that offer a hand full of products or services.

Just don’t like what is out there?

Want it custom? We can do that as well. We offer custom programming from the ground up, for clients who want to have something built proprietary for their business needs.

Whatever your e-commerce needs are we can consult and deliver the best solution for your business. But remember, all e-commerce solutions are not built equal, and the solution is only one component to your online success. Work with a professional who can tell you the ins and outs of the solutions, so you can get back to what you do best… selling your products and services.

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