Trade Shows & Events

Your trade show is an extension of your business, not an exception.  Meaning that the booth, materials, and branding should all be consistent.  We often see a disconnect between the online identity of a business and their booth presentation at a trade show.

Your website should promote your booth and your booth should promote your website.  We create a consistent message, from the website to the emails you send to your clients telling them about the show, to the business card, videos playing at booth, signage, banners, brochures,  the lead cards and the follow up emails you send after the show.

When the potential client goes back to their room and looks you up online after seeing your company at the show, they will be filled with confidence, stability and will trust that your business will deliver the products and services presented to them at the booth.

You need an advertising partner that knows your business goals from the inside out, and will create a consistent message.  We are that agency. We are the agency that is an extension to your business and is there when you need us.

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