Newsletters & Email Templates

Newsletters are a great tool when delivered with a consistent branding theme and message. Emails are also a great way to re-establish contact with past clients reminding them how happy they were the last time they bought your products and services.

But remember that your competitors are selling similar products and services and are trying to steal them away from you.  While your client may be loyal and not want to take their business elsewhere, when they are consistently approached by your competitors rather than you, they get confused and start pondering the possibility.

Stay connected and be sure to deliver your unique branding and message each and every time. Your look and feel will help the

client separate you from the competition. People are very visual and they will remember you if you are consistent and persistent.

Have you thought about changing the center portion of your home page to match the email you are sending? Look at the samples below, of emails and center section home page messages we have created for our clients.

You can choose to hire us to do monthly, seasonal or event-based campaigns for your business. We are your talent on demand and can make your business look like the major players in your industry for a fraction of the cost.

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