Business Card Design

Who am I?

Have you forgotten me? I am indispensable and an inexpensive tool.  I am your mini – resume that can be given to anyone at anytime. I help break the ice. I work on the lead long after you have gone.  Times have changed but I am still an important part of your business! Help me to help your business shine!  This is your business card speaking.

It is easy today to immerse yourself in the high-tech world of marketing.  The online social aspect of your marketing world has exploded; you have instant access to your client within tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and many other mediums.

The power of a handshake

The one thing that has not changed and will never change is the power of the handshake. You meeting a person face to face is a powerful thing. You and your business are unique, and sometimes it is only evident when the customer sees you face to face.

I believe strongly in the power of face to face social events, tradeshows, and networking opportunities. I am still amazed when people show up to network event without business cards, or when they give me their card and it is poorly designed, and printed on cheap stock.

–  Audra Hajj, CEO

Your business card should reinforce you and your business story. You need to leave them with an impression that will separate you from the crowd.

Get it done right

While there are numerous tools out there that allows you to create your own business cards, the designing and planning of your business card is no light task. You need an agency that is committed to creating an image that gives your business immortality. See some of the samples below that we have done for other companies in need of a statement card not just a business card.

Printing available

Choosing the right printing company can be a challenge. Then, you have to worry about providing the files in the right format, placing the order, following up and tracking the progress. Or, we can take care of all that for you.

We use large, established printing services that offer a very quick turn-around. Thus, if time is an issue, we can design and get your business cards printed and shipped to you in less than a week.

Here are some examples:

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