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Importance of content

Since the Internet is jam-packed with information of all kinds – good, bad, ugly or plain, it becomes necessary for online business owners to employ techniques that would ensure their websites stand out prominently and positively among a herd of hundreds and even thousands of others with similar offerings. The importance of content can be understood from the answer to these two simple questions –   

When was the last time you stayed at a website with inferior content for more than a couple of minutes?

What makes you different than your competitors, if you all buy the same products, from the same place, with the same descriptions, color options, and similar pricing?

We at Turboecart can create content that will make a difference in your business, whether it is a basic blog post or a full time writer. See below an example of some of our service options:

General Content:

Full time writer Maximum  of 50,000 words
Blog posts 100 words
Blog posts 300 words 300 words
Paid PR Releases & Submissions 300 words, 20 sites submitted
Article Writing  300 words 300 Words
Article Writing  500 words 500 Words
Newsletter Content 300 Words
Newsletters Content 500 Words
Newsletters Content 800 Words
Custom PR Packages:
Ebooks, and White Paper development
Technical e-books and Tutorials
Manuals and User Guides


Ecommerce Content:                

Product and Services descriptions
Customer Reviews & Product reviews
General Research
Data Aggregation
Market Research


   SEO Content:

SEO Content Pages 300 words


Business Presentation Services:

Research and Editorial Services
Presentation Outline and Flow
Fact Checking and Referencing
General Research or Secondary Research
Data Aggregation
Market Research

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