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If you build it they might not come, and just because you have a shopping cart does not mean they will buy.

Shoppers need more today than ever before when it comes to an ecommerce site and experience. Today’s shoppers require something extra. They are not purchasing merely to fulfill mere necessities. They shop for the “joy” of it. They expect a rich shopping experience online. Every business, large or small must take a user centric approach and ensure that you provide your customers with a great shopping experience.
There are basically two types of online customers. One of them is Transactional and the other one is relational. A transactional customer is one that is looking for a price value – so he keeps on with the research and negotiation until he finds one that convinces him and then makes a purchase. A relational customer is generally looking for the “right place to shop” and that’s exactly why they are looking for a trustworthy source.
 Your aim is to “be the right place” for customers to shop at. So, with ecommerce website development always keep in mind to add that extra something for customers – keep your store live with things that customers appreciate and find appealing. Here are a few tips that will help you provide your customers with a great shopping experience.
• Winning the customer’s trust in your store is the first stepping stone to a successful online store. Customer Engagement with your ecommerce website will be the first place to gain customer confidence. • Customers, who are generally surfing, need a “decision maker or a strong call to action”. It’s up to the content you place on your site to build that confidence for customers to trust your brand and make that purchase.
• Once customers have made a purchase decision, they do not like a lengthy checkout process. Users like to checkout within a few clicks. Manage that, and you’ve got your sale!
• Place some exciting features on your ecommerce website. This does not mean that you just add a rewards program and customers will follow immediately. Integrate some fun and initiate some kind of conversation. The right tools and features and functionalities can be added to your online store by selecting the right ecommerce solutions.
• Make it easy for your customers to share their great experience, be sure to have your social icons accessible.
Understanding the shopper’s behavior will help you understand how you need to customize your ecommerce store and make it the most profitable. The experience is just as important as price and product selection. Ecommerce success today is about a combination of adding the right functionalities, providing your customers with the right kind of shopping experience, consistent branding, and a rich social media presence to give them the confidence to buy.
When was the last time you bought something on your site? Go to the home page, and look at your site, or have a friend do it in front of you, watch what they do and the things they look for.
 – Times have changes, has your site kept up?

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