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Text marketing is being used by many companies; both large and small. Big names like Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s have been using it very successfully. Essentially, text marketing involves sending short messages to customers that inform them about discounts and product updates. It is mainly done in two ways, the first includes bulk sending in which the marketer sends messages to a database of mobile subscribers who have opted in for receiving the messages. The other method involves sending mobile generated requests using short codes. These are typically shorter than regular mobile numbers say 12345. Messages from short codes might request your permission for sending information. You may have to just reply with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to receive information.

Text message marketing offers considerable flexibility and can be used in a wide variety of ways, some of which are:

Distributing Information – Companies can set up a hub of information on which interested customers can request for and receive information through their mobile devices. The simplest method involves the customer texting the name of the company/product/service to a given short code and receiving corresponding information. A business can create many options including a variety of codes that let customers select the kind of information they would like to receive on their mobile phones.

Exclusive Content – A very effective method of motivating potential customers to interact with your business through their mobile phones is to develop content exclusively for mobile subscribers. But do make sure that the content provides value to your subscribers. They should feel that it’s advantageous for them to keep receiving information from your business.

Increase Appeal by Enforcing Limitations – This is similar in spirit to the above. Make offers to your client that are only active for a limited period and can only be used by people who respond to the mobile short code with a given keyword. This is a great way of keeping your mobile subscribers interested in your text messages and also encourages them to interact. In fact, you could use this method to boost sales on an otherwise slow business day.

Use Mobile coupons – Mobile coupons form a very popular part of text marketing. They can be offered to serve a variety of purposes. Say you are coming out with a new drink; you can send your subscribers a mobile coupon that allows them to have that drink for free. This will serve the double purposes of trial and feedback, as well as product promotion. Apart from that you can send discount coupons for slow moving products or maybe just to give your customers something to feel good about once in a while.

Build Customer Relations – After a customer has made a purchase you can periodically send him/her follow-up messages focused on relation building and providing after sales services. A simple thank you note after the sale can produce a welcome effect. You can also offer information about the product purchased including its usage, warranty reminders, and associated offers in future.

Promote Special Events – Texts can be very useful for promoting events whether online or offline. You can invite users to opt-in for receiving regular updates of an event that you may be organizing or are associated with. You can then send information, trivia and reminders about the event on their mobiles.

Mobile marketing is an evolving and emerging new way of instant communication. You may need to help educate your customers on this new technology, but it will be worth it.  Beware of the general labeling of who is and who is not a savvy mobile user.

A personal note on this; my neighbor’s son goes to UCLA and came home over spring break, his mom pulled out her phone and sent a text, she was amazed at his reaction. He simply stated that she was too old to send text messages. She and I text between ourselves 2-3 times a day, to others maybe 20-40 messages, it is not about age it is about convenience.

On the other hand, my nephews were all gathered in the gaming room playing Xbox. One of my nieces was typing away, for my son. He was texting his girlfriend through her. He would talk she would type, she would read message, he would respond. As I watched this I suggested that it would be a lot easier to just pick up the phone, and call. The room went still; they even turned their red, game glazed eyes to me to inform me that talking is for geeks. No one talks on the phone anymore. Wow …what a reality check.

Mobile marketing can bring customer reach -Here are a couple of points that I found very interesting. More than 3 billion people worldwide have cell phones. Many of them do not have desktop computers, or even televisions.

Companies will be advertising and people will be buying, the trick is to be in the right place at the right time. If you are looking to start a mobile campaign, lets first be sure your website is mobile friendly.


What are your most loved mobile marketing strategies? Comment below and let’s talk!

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