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Is Video On My Site Important, And When Should I Or Shouldn’t I Use It?

Ever since website development started, most websites have depended on high-quality textual content to attract visitors. Even now, when the web development industry has made huge progress, nothing beats good old written words. However, there are additional elements that can be incorporated into websites these days, ensuring even greater traffic, and consequently, huge click counts. Those additional elements include pictures/photos, animations, and of course, videos!

Is video important in a website?

Oh yes, a thousand times, yes. Videos can attract a visitor more efficiently than plain old vanilla content. Think about it this way – if you see a tutorial on how to plant a tomato seed in well written text, and the same thing in the form of an informative video on another site, which one would you rather see? Web statistics have always shown that websites with videos rank much higher than textual websites, no matter how high quality the written words may be.

Using video has become even simpler nowadays with the ever-increasing popularity of video sharing sites like YouTube.  All you have to do is look for a video on these websites that would be appropriate for your usage, and then embed the same in your website. So, you can get the benefits of adding videos, minus any significant effort at all.

Have you noticed lately all the video pull out when you search a term in Google? Well, they get it. They understand that we are very much living in a world of instant gratification, entertainment, and if at all possible…less reading for presenting products and services.

The videos show up in search results of major search engines, resulting in huge click through rates. Youtube videos are also optimized to ensure that those load quickly, even on the slower Internet connections, so you can expect excellent visibility from various types of audience groups.

So, what are the negatives of using YouTube videos on my site?

There are several drawbacks of using YouTube videos in your website. First off, Youtube automatically ranks videos, and displays the ones that are most popular at the moment. Which may or may not be the point you wanted to pull out to your client.

That’s not all. Also, videos embedded from Youtube often show ads at the end. If you are running a business website, and those ads are coincidentally from your competitors, well, you get the idea. This is a major problem with YouTube videos.

Now, tell me the positives. And how do you get the best use of videos from YouTube?

Here are just a few of many, many great ways you can use YouTube and benefit greatly. First of all, by taking a YouTube link and embedding it in your site, you can look as though you are running the video on your site, but not have to pay extra to your hosting company for bandwidth or video streaming. Second, you have the ability to brand your own YouTube channel. This will give you a very sophisticated branding arm, and control over what shows up. When you have your own channel you can stop competitors adds from showing up.

You can also hire a company like ours who knows how to optimize your videos for search within YouTube, and well as the major engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

YouTube will also convert your videos, give options for making your videos better and even give different quality options for those of you who shoot in HD.

So, what if I use custom made videos?

Sure, that is a great idea. But, don’t get to caught up in being the perfect take…look at all the videos that go viral today. They are made by real people doing the things they love. So if you or your staff want to start recording how-to videos, educational videos, sales videos, or general videos like “About Us”, category videos, or customer support, be real. Your passion is something they can relate to.

If you decide that you want to have professional videos, like the ones I do here at my company, we can do that as well. Whether you use us or do them yourself, make sure the custom-made videos for your website are professionally created. Be sure to hire a good video-producing firm and let them take care of the task for you. Be sure to ask the video producers for a logo of your company to be added to all the videos, preferably throughout the length of it, in a corner of the frames. This will serve as an excellent promotional tactic.

But, don’t just upload your video to your own website, upload it on video sharing websites and YouTube as well! Make sure you add a short description of your company when you upload the video. That way, you may get a little share of your traffic from those websites. Even if it is little in comparison to the regular traffic your website gets, you still gain something. After all, the service is free, so why not put it to good use?

So, are there such situations at all when I should not use videos?

Unfortunately, yes, there are situations where you may have to avoid using videos in your website. Firstly, if you are targeting an audience that has to live with slow internet connections, like those in third world countries, then you may be better off using less video, and more text in your website. Secondly, if you wish your site to be accessible via mobile phones, then you should think twice before embedding too much video. We are seeing more and more phones with the ability to play videos but you need to still offer a balance of text and video at this point.

There is another point of concern. If your video does not add much value to written words, then it is better to avoid using videos at all. For instance, if you are representing the business data about a company’s yearly transactions, you are better off representing those using charts, graphs, tables and photographs. This is a case where textual, image, and graphical content elements are more effective than videos for getting the job done. In a video, those will not be visible long enough for the audience to see, and if that happens, what would be the use of the video in the first place?

So, the bottom line is, whether or not you should add videos to your website will depend on your target audience, the information you want to convey through your website, and the platform (regular internet or mobile internet) that you choose to put your website on. Judge the situation carefully, before you go on with it. But, in general I will say yes, video is a huge differentiator between you and your competitors.

Don’t forget, video can be used as a duplication of you (the one with the perfect sales pitch, delivery and excitement)! Imagine how many times you have delivered an amazing presentation about your products and services and thought…wow. If I could just get my employees to duplicate and say what I just said, we would close every deal. Well you can, but you yourself will be able to capture the attention of your potential clients, and they will like the fact they see a face, when buying from your site.

We seem to be moving into the direction of a very cocooned society. But, funny thing is, we want to be talked to only when it is right for us. So let your video present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when your clients are in the mood to learn more.

Here are just few recent websites that we have done videos for: (Also check out their branded YouTube, Twitter and Facebook!) (Also check out their branded YouTube, Twitter and Facebook!)


What are your favorite YouTube features for business? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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