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Using Twitter “Lists” to Close Sales Leads

Many social networking sites have been introducing some awesome new features that make sealing the deal much easier for salespeople. Sites like Twitter have been reinventing old tools and presenting new ones that eliminate the ancient (and unfocussed) marketing pastime of cold calling. Yes, cold calling can indeed widen your client network, but it can also deter potential customers if you aren’t familiar with their needs or industry. So, top-off your cup of joe and settle in for this week’s Social Media Tip, Using Twitter “Lists” to Close Sales Leads!

 Optimize your Twitter with “Lists”

If you follow us on Twitter, we recently tweeted about the feature for Twitter called “Lists”. Twitter Lists allow you to categorize your leads into separate timelines for enhanced monitoring capabilities. Salespeople can track common industry topics amongst leads for better insight on what exactly is prohibiting their business from succeeding. The more you understand a lead and their business before calling, the more focus you can put towards how you can solve their problems during the call.


“Hey Tim, I was on Twitter earlier and noticed you have been experiencing some reoccurring difficulties with your current e-commerce platform. Would you like to discuss some options for improvement?”

Opening your sales call on a common ground of understanding will convey respect for their time and trust. Many individuals are irritated by cold calls, so keep it honest, to the point and extremely insightful to earn their attention.

Creating Twitter Lists

  • Step One: Log into Twitter, locate the wheel-like icon on your toolbar
  • Step Two: Click on the icon to view the drop-down menu, select “Lists”
  • Step Three: Create a list for each of your targeted audiences
  • Step Four: Add users! P.S. Make sure you choose wisely when making your List private or public


Do you have any Social Media tricks for landing sales leads? Leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!


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