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Your eCommerce Tools – How Well Are You Utilizing Them?

Regardless of the eCommerce platform you are on, you have access to powerful functionality that can really help your business not only get more visibility, track what customers are doing, etc., but in the end sell more. Be honest with yourself here. You KNOW there is “stuff” your store does, but you do not want to take the time or have the time to learn how to use it.

An example from a recent conversation with a customer support call is this: The customer wanted to start having his customer’s email/contact him to sign up for a newsletter. He thought that by organizing his customer’s into a list that he could market to was a great idea, and so did we!  My response was that is a great idea, but why not use the built in Contact Form in his solution? It would increase the number of “leads” he would gather and do it all electronically into a single database. His response was, “what form?”

After much discussion, it came out that he didn’t really understand “this stuff” and it was hard for him to understand. As a result we ended up making a list of everything he wanted to do on his site, and for all but ONE of his items there was an article, or a video, or BOTH on our Support Portal that more than covered what he needed to do and really helped this customer make great strides with his store and his sales.

Every eCommerce application has different functionality. However, there are a number of areas that you (as the business owner) need to look into learning as it can have GREAT effects on your web presence and your sales:

  • SEO Abilities – This includes adding in all your Title Tags, Meta Tags, etc.
  • Connect your store with Social Media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Custom Coupons – You can set up coupon codes that SHOULD BE included in your Order Confirmation emails. Then when a customer that just bought from you gets their confirmation, you can send them a coupon for xx% off their next order.
  • Related Items and Upsell Items – Big increase in average sale is found right here! Show your customers the products they will ALSO want by utilizing these features in your store.
  • Free Ground Shipping – This can be a HUGH motivator for the customer to buy from you and is a simple thing to set up in most applications.
  • Customer Polls – Engaging your customers is another huge way to involve them, learn about your customer demographics, likes, dislikes, and the polls can be used to gather customer data for later marketing purposes

This list barely scratches the surface of what your eCommerce Application can do for you. I urge you to begin learning your application now, or you can start making a list of things you would like done, and then pay someone to do it all for you. Time or Money? Which do you have more of or would rather spend on your website?



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Phil joined Turboecart over 6 years ago and has been an integral part of the team ever since. Currently Phil is heading the Training & Support Department, and his goal is to provide training resources and live support to clients in a manner that fits with their business models. If you have any questions, comments, recommendations, or suggestions on his blog posts, or on how the Support Department could be more helpful please forward them anytime to him directly at

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