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Get Your Head in the “Cloud”: 5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business

With the smorgasbord of savvy mobile applications on the market today, there’s no need to limit your productivity outside of the office! When it comes to doing business on the road, you want your head IN the ‘Cloud’.  The mobile app ‘Cloud’ that is.  Check out my first string mobile app line-up:

5 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business

1.    Pay with Google Wallet

Google Wallet is an app that keeps your payment options and rewards cards with you at all times. Google Wallet stores your debit and credit cards, rewards cards, and special offers in one “virtual wallet”- giving you optimal security within the “cloud”. Since your banking information is something that you certainly don’t want to expose to anyone who simply uses your phone, Google Wallet app users are provided with data storage and processing capabilities on the cloud computing platform rather than on your mobile device itself.

2.    Save time with Slice

Slice is an app that allows you to track and organize your online shopping on the go. I’m all about efficiency, and Slice not only tracks my orders, but also finds receipts in my email inbox and automatically organizes them for me within the app. This app also keeps record of your previous orders, saving you time when repurchasing. Sliceme off a piece of that! I’m also all about the pun. Additional Resources-

3.    Add your Signature with SignEasy

SignEasy is a great app for businesses who do a lot of printing, faxing, and shipping-so basically, all business. SignEasyallows you to sign PDF, MS-Office, Open-Office, HTML, images and more with up to three signatures and the date & time. Have an iPhone or iPad? You can insert buttons and checkmarks onto your document! In many countries, electronic signatures are legally binding.

Additional Resources-

4.    Stay safe with 1Password

1Password will save you tons of scrambling! This app saves your web usernames and passwords and other highly secured information (social security numbers, licenses, etc.) that you need to keep safe and organized at all cases. 1Password locks your data behind a four-digit unlock code and a master password, both of which you create. This gives me tremendous comfort when I misplace my phone. This app even has a browser built directly in, so no more redirecting! 1Password even two-way syncs, safely and securely through the ‘cloud’ to your Mac or Windows computer using their free Dropbox service. Using OS X, Windows, or Linux? This app also features encrypted backup & restore capabilities for your computer. Additional Resources-

5.    Manage T-Do’s with Wunderlist

Wunderlist allows you to take your to-do list everywhere you go. Simply create a list and start adding tasks! You can even create a new task directly from your email inbox and mark it with reminders and notifications! With Wunderlist, you can share to-do lists via email or through your favorite social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. This is time-management at its finest ladies and gentlemen! Wunderlist supports multiple platforms, so whether you’re using a PC or Mac, your Android, your iPad and iPhone, or the web, your tasks will automatically synchronize and stay secured. This app also has the CloudApp integrated for optimal security. Save yourself the hassle, and turn your to-do’s into to-done’s! Additional Resources-

Do you have a favorite mobile app for business that didn’t make my list? Comment below, we love to hear from you!

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