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5 Ways to Get More “Likes”!

Yes, it is true. Your business really IS the coolest thing since sliced bread.  However, if you are not engaging your fans on your fan pages, then you are pretty much in an empty room talking to yourself. I have seen so many businesses with extraordinary resources on their websites, and many times they go unseen on the Social Media scene.

Filtering content from your website onto your business social media pages is the first step! This saves your fans the time from going website to website to find what they are looking for. But what happens after? Follow my 5 Ways to Get More “Likes” to increase your fan page activity!

1. Add Interactive Content!

Social Networking sites are designed to facilitate interaction online-so why post just text? Video, images, and audio lure in potential fans that think fast and want to learn about your business without having to do the legwork. People trust people, and providing interactive content will make your audience connect and share. 

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2. Link Your Content to Your Website!

I have seen SO many Twitter Tweets where companies leave out the source to their posts because they don’t have enough characters available. This is a NO-NO! The last thing you want to do is post a “teaser” that limits your audience to more information. Adding a link or a hashtag will allow your audience to access the information they need and will expand the potential reach of your posts. Tip from us? Try shrinking your links using or

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3. Add Social Media Icons on your Homepage!

I can’t stress this enough.  If your social networking icons are not clearly displayed on the Home Page of your website, we will assume you don’t have one and move on.  Social media plugins are readily available and almost everyone is using one on their websites.

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 4.    Add the “Like” Button on your Website!

Introducing a call-to-action option, like a Social Media Plugin, will allow your audience to get involved on a personal level and show THEIR audience what they are up to. Clicking the “Like” button on your website will enable a chain reaction– posting a link directly to your fan’s stream and then linking directly back to your website. This extends your potential reach among endless social media pages.

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 5.    Provide Incentives and Exclusive Offers!

I have stumbled upon the social media pages of very large businesses, and am startled sometimes with the lack of incentive they provide for their audience to interact.  Delivering exclusive offers to your fans-and I mean exclusive- will promote tons of excitement. Make sure your fans know that they are appreciated and thank them for their loyalty. Word of mouth travels fast-especially in social networking! Tip from us? Offer a discount to new fans that Like your page for one day.

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Try these 5 Ways to Get More “Likes” for one week and comment below with your results! If you need a social media boost, we offer expert SMO services with speedy results.  Give us a call today at 1-877-282-7001 .


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