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To post or not to post? That is the question.

Let’s face it…the way you present yourself on Social Media sites is a direct reflection of your business. With increased social networking buzz-everyone wants some action. Small businesses, large businesses, and even individual departments of a single company are creating their own social networking accounts to better interact and serve the needs of their customers. However, before you create your business Facebook page and upload 3 photo albums with pictures of your new kittens- check out my top 10 Rules of Social Media Etiquette.  This post is not focused on which social networking sites you should or should not be using, but to assist with maintaining a well-balanced and focused social media page.

 Rule #1- Social Media is not a cocktail- so don’t mix Business with Pleasure. You want to use a different profile or account for your personal relationships and your business connections. Be aware that adding personal contacts to your pages could interfere with the way visitors view your business by the company you keep. If you are sharing your business information on your personal page, make sure you are positively representing your company on your profile. Tip from us? If you want to share information from your business page, create a separate professional account. 

Rule #2- Make sure your profile is updated with full business information. Use your real contact information, a professional profile picture of your business or yourself, and include a link to your website and a short description of your business. Don’t create a username that diminishes your business or upload a profile picture of you in the tub. Though that would be hilarious to your friends, your potential business partners and customers will see yourself and your business as unprofessional.

Rule #3- Write your content in a word processing document before you publish it to your page. This is crucial! Grammar and spelling mistakes frustrate readers and will sacrifice your company’s credibility.  Most of the time, your fans will notice the mistake before you do and certainly point it out (hopefully not in a public fashion). Tip from us? Once you put something on the internet-it never (and I mean NEVER) goes way. You can surely ‘hide’ accidental content, but posting anything you don’t want your current or potential business contacts to see is a big NO-NO. Let’s just say I’ve seen a lot of brownie points thrown out the window with no chance of recovery.

Rule #4- I like my posts like my food- Frequent and Organic! Even if you post every 15 minutes-this does not deem your page ‘king of the mountain’.  Posting random content before reading it just because it’s related to your industry doesn’t always mean it’s newsworthy. Posting content that you didn’t even take the time to read yourself should be a red flag NOT TO POST. Organic and intriguing content (still relating directly to your business) has a greater influence on your page visitors than any dry professional commentary. You are catering to your audience, so mix it up and see what topics receive the most attraction.  If your selling PVC pipes and fittings, post some photos of PVC inventions and art- you’ll be surprised how much attention it will draw.

Rule #5- Use CAUTION when handing over the reigns. When looking for ‘the chosen one’ to monitor your social media activity, there are a lot of precautions that need to be taken into account. This means you need someone who understands your business, your industry and your competition, and who has the capability to connect and engage with the modern buyer. Even though you think the intern (not knocking the interns-we love ‘em) is part of the younger social networking generation- take the proper precautions and make sure they know more than just the social tools themselves.

Rule #6- Engage your users with weekly (not weak) traditions. Introduce a weekly tradition for your viewers like ‘Testimonial Tuesdays’ or ‘Free Product Friday’ to the first 10 viewers who re-Tweet your product post. Getting followers and likes on your page is great, but providing an opportunity for your viewers to interact with you will spark tons of new interest and attract loyal fans.

Rule #7- Never underestimate me, the #HashTag. When done with discretion, tagging other users and businesses on Facebook and Twitter yields many benefits. However, before you go hashtag crazy, familiarize yourself with the appropriate hashtags for your industry. Tip from us? Model your hashtags after your company’s keywords for relevant and focused results. If you use relevant hashtags, you can connect more with users, share information based on a similar industry or product, and they can even lure more active fans to your page.

Rule #8- “The first rule of holes: When you’re in one stop digging.” Do not engage in touchy subjects directed to you in a public forum. Usually, unless your audience asks a specific question about your product or service, engaging with unhappy people in an open forum is DANGEROUS.   This is really good way for the conversation to go bad as a lot of other people begin “dog piling” on and ugliness ensues. Tip from us? Take the conversation offline in an encouraging and professional manner.

Rule #9- This is “social” media, not the Yellow Pages. I have landed on too many businesses’ social media pages that have no picture, no posts, and no company description. This is not what social media pages are all about. They are for developing a trustworthy and authentic personality for your business and for encouraging a focused audience. Luring page visitors is a progress, but maintaining an active page will benefit in the long haul.

Rule #10- Reach out to your audience…they don’t bite (hard). Ever extended a simple ‘Hey, how are you?’ to a random passerby that walked right past you with no response? Awkward. Don’t make your page fans feel this way. Everyone is using social media sites for the same reason- to network! Don’t be afraid to flatter your followers and friends and respond to their commentary. Reaching out to your followers with a sincere comment will decrease the anonymous aspect of cyber space, nurture your flocking community, and provide you with opportunities to collaborate on larger efforts.  You will get denied sometimes, and people will post negative feedback, but handle it with poise and stay focused on your strategy.

Though online networking is a learning experience, many of the same rules apply when connecting with people offline. Be professional, be attentive, and stir up some excitement!  Have a social media secret weapon of your own? Comment with your input below-we love hearing from you!

 Having trouble with your Social Media Networking? Call us and get your pages up a running in no time!



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