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Time Management: Plan your work…and work your plan!

It is common to feel like there isn’t enough time in one workday to get everything done, and surely sleep is lost when you let your mind clutter with tasks. But…let me lay a little brutal honesty on you. It isn’t the number of hours in a day that limits you from feeling fully productive- it’s your time management.

Being an entrepreneur is great! It puts you in charge of your productivity and success, but also puts a lot of responsibilities on your plate.  Though a great idea for a service or product is vital, ultimately it is the way you approach and execute your goals that ensures your success. This is where the great quote from American football coach , Vince Lombardi, comes in…

“Plan your work and work your plan”- Vince Lombardi

 Creating starting, mid, and ending goals for yourself and your business will ignite a huge sense of control over the direction of your life and success as a business man or woman.  Unfortunately, that warm fuzzy feeling won’t get you anywhere if you don’t stick to the plan. A great way that our Turboecart Team maintains structure and a progressive flow in our business is through meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.

  Our secret weapon? To-Do Lists!

 After we hop on board with a new project we immediately set timelines and to-do lists- then we get to work!  To-do lists de clutter your brain and allow you to maximize your productivity during your free time. Lists will allow you to visually analyze and monitor your tasks, as well as assist you in deciding what to add and take off your plate.

Wishing and hoping will get you nowhere, but taking control of your time will surely take you to the next level. So don’t forget to vary your to-dos, because a list full of daunting tasks won’t offer you any encouragement to be productive. I personally LOVE crossing off tasks on my daily to-do lists and recognized a greater sense of control over my plan of attack for the day.


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Avery is the newest member to our Team and is the Communication Manager at Turboecart. Her daily plan of attack is always strategic, which comes from her abilities to adapt and handle some extreme multi-tasking. Avery's receptive attitude allows her interact with clients, then push requests to the corresponding Team members and makes things happen! Coming soon is her section "News For Newbies", which records her daily learning experiences at Turboecart!

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