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Turboecart Launches New Marketing Accountability Tool

June 26, 2012 La Habra, California : TurboeCart, a full-service e-commerce, design and marketing web agency, launches its new marketing accountability tool. The new tool will help TurboeCart’s clients evaluate, quantify and keep track of the returns on investment that TurboeCart’s marketing programs offer. Some online marketing programs offered at TurboeCart are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) services. This new tool is especially important, given businesses’ lack of awareness about their own marketing results and the use of their marketing money.

While TurboeCart offers customized and effective marketing services, clients still need to satisfy themselves about their marketing results. This can be done with TurboeCart’s new marketing accountability tool. The new tool will enable TurboeCart’s clients to keep track of their marketing results real-time, anytime anywhere; clients simply need to login to the tool to view the results. Further, the tool also offers an array of monthly reports for its users.

Besides offering marketing solutions and marketing accountability tools, TurboeCart also specializes in custom ecommerce website design, website development, enterprise application development, content management systems, mobile applications and several other industry-specific solutions. Hence, TurboeCart enables its clients to develop a unique website design, blog, email, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Other solutions offered include CMS solutions, auction solutions, reverse auction solutions, penny auction sites, membership sites and directories. TurboeCart develops applications using several types of languages and solutions, including Magento, Joomla, Drupal,, PHP and ASP. TurboeCart also offers a robust and mature proprietary e-commerce platform developed in ASP.NET, which can adapt to the needs of several types of industries. TurboeCart develops customized solutions that can be applied to all sizes of companies and businesses.

The distinct proposition of TurboeCart is its provision of customized marketing solutions as well as a tool that measures marketing results for the clients. With the cutting-edge digital solutions offered at TurboeCart, businesses can attract the right target audience and also convert them.

About TurboeCart: An Orange County-based full-service web agency, TurboeCart specializes in e-commerce, online marketing, web design, branding and video production for hosted and non-hosted applications.

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