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Magento Success for Turboecart!

June 26, 2012 La Habra, California : TurboeCart, a full-service e-commerce, design and marketing web agency, announces its success with Magento, an open source ecommerce web application. TurboeCart has developed many applications using the Magento platform and also developed a promotional video for Magento. Besides Magento, TurboeCart also uses open source solutions, such as Joomla and Drupal, to create customizable, cutting-edge IT solutions for its varied industry clients.

An extremely scalable and robust platform, Magento allows the development of best ecommerce solution that is affable and flexible. The cutting-edge merchandising capabilities of Magento are fully exploited by expert developers, who create customized online stores for their clients. Magento also offers complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content and functionality of online stores, thus facilitating business growth and brand representation. It also blends seamlessly with business infrastructure and offers great marketing tools that aid business growth and development. It also offers clients enhanced control over their ecommerce site, be it in terms of promotion, presentation or merchandising. It also enhances the return on investment for companies, as Magento offers high-quality products at low costs. Besides, it also offers greater business revenue and growth, given its scalability and flexibility.

The latest updates of Magento include HTML5 and PayPal Small Business Suite. While HTML5 offers world-class online shopping experience to customers, PayPal Small Business Suite helps merchants compete effectively in the multi-channel retail environment. PayPal suite facilitates accepting payments, be it from mobile devices, in person or online. Other HTML5 capabilities include advanced visitor segmentation to enable higher conversion; creation of multiple wish lists within a client account; auto generation of coupon codes expands on the coupon code functionality; enhanced CMS functionality that expedite page creation and editing on the ecommerce site; customer group level pricing and so on. These tools, along with their functionalities, help businesses and companies enhance their conversion rates more effectively and build greater customer loyalty.

About TurboeCart: An Orange County-based full-service web agency, TurboeCart specializes in e-commerce, online marketing, web design, branding and video production for hosted and non-hosted applications. TurboeCart develops digital solutions for all types and sizes of industries and businesses.

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Avery is the newest member to our Team and is the Communication Manager at Turboecart. Her daily plan of attack is always strategic, which comes from her abilities to adapt and handle some extreme multi-tasking. Avery's receptive attitude allows her interact with clients, then push requests to the corresponding Team members and makes things happen! Coming soon is her section "News For Newbies", which records her daily learning experiences at Turboecart!

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