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What is the Importance of Press Releases ?

A crucial requirement of a new business or an existing one which has launched a new product or service is passing on the information to potential customers. Businesses have at their disposal a variety of marketing strategies to achieve this. However, many businesses in this age of online marketing and state-of-the-art multimedia tools either underestimate, or worse, overlook this powerful marketing tool which can ensure that important information reaches the right people.

 An Important Part of Marketing Strategy

This important marketing tool is the press release. Press releases have been around for a long time. They were being used much before concepts like search engine optimization and social media marketing, or even television commercials came into existence. Although a very old method, it continues to be used because it still returns very good results.

A professionally written press release can provide information about a product or service clearly and effectively. It can serve as an informative invitation to people who are looking for your r brand new website, or your great new product or service. You might have just what they are looking for, but unless they can see it, hear it, or find it. It will do you and your company no good Thus press releases can serve as a highly effective component of the marketing strategy of any company. Although press releases may seem ‘boring’ in this age when advertising and marketing has become glamorous and exciting, it is probably this sober aspect which gives them added credibility compared to other marketing methods.

An Effective E-marketing Tool

In the traditional printed media press releases are usually issued to inform journalists about new developments which they might want to write about. When it comes to online press releases, this narrow readership expands to include the online visitors, people searching for targeted information about something that is of interest to them, or makes their life easier when buying a product or service, and journalists. These visitors can include potential customers, bloggers and social media enthusiasts who might find the information provided by the press release interesting or useful enough to write about in their blog and pass on to their social media circle, thus creating a ripe opportunity for the press release to become viral.

Press releases can serve as an excellent e-marketing tool that provides substantial support to a search engine optimization campaign. They help provide immediate exposure to a website/online business and associated products and services in the virtual world. Online press releases can be circulated to a large targeted audience in a very short time. They are also highly affordable, especially when the cost of creating and distributing press releases is compared to that of more traditional modes of advertising.

Why Professionals Count

In order to be effective, press releases should be crafted with care. In fact, it is recommended that they should be developed by professionals who have substantial experience in developing successful press releases. Although press releases appear to be simple to write, due to a well written one focusing  on a one topic message, about a given topic, this simplicity can be deceptive which many laypersons have discovered when trying to do the job on their own  and ending up with ineffective pieces of writing. I know as a business owner it is tempting to create a piece on your own, but sometimes giving a bullet point list of points to a professional can result in a new and interesting way of telling the world about your company, products, services or anything that has to do with your business. Sometimes we as business owners are so close to our business that we can no longer see the trees in the forest. The information present in a press release should be designed in such a manner that it should not only provide all the necessary information to the intended reader, but do so in a short, crisp, well-formatted interesting manner.

Furthermore, even a well-crafted press release would be of little use to you in your business if it does not reach the targeted audience. A professional marketer will be able to take care of not only the writing of the piece but also the submission of the press release for the entire world to see.  Most PR companies have a network of online resources they can submit your press release to, many times they will be able to get it picked up within 3-7 business days. How is that for the power of the internet?

You can never have too much buzz around your business; press releases are a great way to get focused information out about your business, making you the expert in your field.

Written by: Audra Hajj , CEO


About Audra Hajj

For the last 12 years CEO of Turboecart, Audra Hajj has been helping her clients successfully grow their ecommerce businesses as well as their bottom lines through her creative and energetic approach. What makes Audra unique is her ability to create a total online road map for her clients, mapping out short, medium, and long range goals and then closely monitors to ensure success.

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